Movie Ticket Give-away!

ASWA has been around since 1999, and we have our core members who have supported us from the very first day they signed up. We are forever greatful for your support and if it wasn't for you, ASWA wouldn't be around.

Since ASWA is funded by it's members, we are offering up some prizes for both renewals and new members. We have 5 Gold Class and 5 Standard Double Pass Movie Tickets to give away to the first 10 people to renew or sign up as a Support Member.


Why support ASWA?


Conference Art Designed and Provided by Bellehannon

ASWA has been around since 1999, and throughout the years we have had some very memorable times through state meetings and the popular annual conference. Many friendships have been made through the community that ASWA provides. In 2014 and beyond, ASWA has plans to improve that community and allow it to grow beyond what it currently is today.

We are also committing ourselves to provide the weather community with education in severe weather, through the issuing of a monthly newsletter where everyone can submit their own articles for printing. This newsletter will also provide educational material from some of the most respected storm chasers and professionals in the community.

In addition, we reward our members with heavily subsidised state meetings as well as our spectacular annual conferences which are held in many interesting locations.

We also have random give-aways throughout the year, whether that be during our annual conference, at our state meetings or through a promotion on our website or facebook page. These give-aways can be anything from a few movie tickets to a weather station.

For these reasons alone, we believe being a member of ASWA is a worthwhile investment.

Your support is key in keeping ASWA going beyond 2014 and in to the future


Only $33 to support ASWA for 12 Months - Signup/Renew Now!