12th August 2007

Minutes of the ASWA AGM General Business Gold Coast 11th August 2007

Treasurer's Report: Michael Scollay

Jane ONeill proposed the Association accept the Treasurer's report
Seconded by Michael King.

Secretary's Report: Michael Bath

Committee nominations:
Tim Eckert
Vice-president: Jane ONeill
Secretary: Shane Ekerbicer
Treasurer: Michael Scollay
Committee: Bryan Juni
Committee: Rodney Wallbridge
Committee: Michael Bath
Committee: vacant

Anthony Cornelius nominated Christian Dott for committee
Seconded by David Smith
Accepted: Christina Dott

David Smith proposed the Association accept the committee nominations
Seconded Tony Langdon

Other business:

Anthony Cornelius proposed that all members who nominate for executive committee positions must attend the AGM, with exceptions under special circumstances.
Seconded Clyve Herbert

Anthony Cornelius proposed the public officer be changed from Michael Bath to Michael Scollay
Seconded by Bryan Juni

Michael Bath

Minutes of the ASWA Committee meeting Gold Coast 12th August 2007

Present: Michael Bath, Anthony Cornelius, Jane ONeill, Michael Scollay, Clyve Herbert, Dave Sercombe, Shane Ekerbicer, Jane Gough, Bryan Juni, Phillip Basil-Jones, Christina Dott, Rodney Wallbridge, Rhett Blanch

Meeting Commenced:11:00am 12th August 2007

Radar Archive
Discussion about the cost of the Radar Archive and 512km radar. Survey to be placed on the website to find out how many people use this service and how frequently. Email to be sent to all Members.

Michael Scollay to investigate if any Banks can provide a service similar to PayPal. An Online shop to be created on the ASWA site to allow people to select merchandise and pay using the service above. Memberships will also be available to be paid using the above.

AGM 2008
No decision could be made as to which location next years AGM should be held. Therefore, it will be a members vote this year. Locations will include Darwin, Adelaide and Melbourne. Survey duration to be one week, no longer. Darwin to be held late in the year while Adelaide and Melbourne to be held in August.

Rodney moved that Due to high demand at the Video Night, only those attending the AGM itself will be allowed to attend the Video Night. Seconded by Jane Oneill. A once off fee to be paid for all 3 days. All members/ex-members/unpaid members/students/part time members and friends etc to be contacted. As many people as possible to be contacted for the survey.
Get as much exposure as humanly possible for the AGM

ASWA Membership renewals
It was decided that the special AGM/Membership deal only be available for new memberships and not renewals. This is due to an excessive number of people utilising the deal which results in a lower income and a lot of renewals in August.

Tuan Phan had some good suggestions.
Tuan suggested that Panorama images be used instead of the standard images. Committee to investigate a business relationship with the Alfred Hospital with a view for calander sales. Tuan to get things going and ASWA Victoria to follow up.

Meeting Closed: 12:00pm 12th August 2007

Shane Ekerbicer
ASWA Secretary