23rd August 2008

Minutes of the ASWA AGM General Business Adelaide 23rd August 2008

Treasurer's Report: Michael Scollay

Jane ONeill proposed the Association accept the Treasurer's report
Seconded by Jane Gough.

Secretary's Report: Shane Ekerbicer

Committee nominations:

  • President: Clyve Herbert
  • Vice-president: Jane ONeill
  • Secretary: Shane Ekerbicer
  • Treasurer: Michael Scollay
  • Committee: Bryan Juni
  • Committee: John Allen
  • Committee: Greg Sorenson
  • Committee: Tony Langdon

Jane ONeill proposed the Association accept the committee nominations
Seconded Tony Langdon

Minutes of the ASWA Committee meeting Adelaide 24th August 2008

Present: Anthony Cornelius, Jane ONeill, Michael Scollay, Clyve Herbert, Shane Ekerbicer, Jane Gough, Bryan Juni, Tony Langdon, John Allen, Greg Sorenson, Tim Eckert.
Absent: David Sercombe, Shane Watson, Matthew Pearce, Tim Morrow.

Meeting Commenced: 10:20am 24th August 2008, Adelaide Botanical Gardens


Tim Eckert suggested using Red Bubble to produce non-popular items on demand such as Jumpers and Calendars. Tim Eckert and SA to look into.
Anthony Cornelius to look into getting more Shirts and Caps made.
Anthony Cornelius to seperate QLD's stockpile of ASWA Stickers and distribute some to SA and VIC.

Northern Territory State Reps

Max King was nominated by Jane ONeill and Seconded by Jane Gough
Rowland Beardsell was nominated by Jane ONeill and Seconded by Tony Langdon

Max King and Rowland Beardsell both accepted the nominations.


Tim Eckert and SA to look into possibly getting a calendar produced via Red Bubble 'on demand'.
It was decided that the front cover image of any upcoming calendar be decided by the Committee.

New Members Joining Pack

It was put forward about created a Members Welcome Pack which will include a booklet containing links and information about where to get weather information on the internet, and also to include educational information such as Cloud Types and Basic Thunderstorm Forecasting.

Shane Ekerbicer to look into creating.

Southern Skies

Decided to create a sub-committee for Southern Skies. The sub-committee will be responsible for creating and distributing the ASWA Journal entitled 'Southern Skies'.

Members of the sub-committee are as follows: Clyve Hebert, Jane ONeill, Jane Gough, John Allen and Shane Ekerbicer.
Further members may be added if needed.

Also look into using a direct mail company to distribute Southern Skies.

ASWA 10 year anniversary

Look into creating a DVD containing the last 10 years worth of AGM Introduction DVDs.


Shane Ekerbicer mentioned that the website was undergoing an upgrade, and that the membership classification structure was going to be changed.

It was put forward to replace the current 'Full' membership to 'Gold', current 'Unpaid' membership to 'Registered' and adding in 'Committee', 'Website' and 'State Reps'.
Michael Scollay suggested only having two Membership Classes, and have a membership sub-class to determine Special Members such as Committee, website and State Reps.

Group Discussion decided having two Membership Classes: 'Bronze' and 'Silver', with a possible future expansion to 'Gold' and 'Platinum'.
'Bronze' members will have access to Forums, while 'Silver' members will have access to all 'locked' features such as SMS-Warning service and Archived Warning Service.

'Student' and 'International' Membership class Abolished.

Shane Ekerbicer to follow up.

AGM 2009

It was unanimously decided that Melbourne will host the 2009 AGM.

Meeting Closed: 11:50am 24th August 2008
Shane Ekerbicer
ASWA Secretary