23rd August 2009

Minutes of the ASWA AGM General Business Melbourne 22nd August 2009

Treasurer's Report: Michael Scollay

Jane ONeill proposed the Association accept the Treasurer's report
Seconded by Shane Ekerbicer.

Secretary's Report: Shane Ekerbicer

Committee nominations:

  • President: Clyve Herbert
  • Vice-president: Greg Sorenson
  • Secretary: Shane Ekerbicer
  • Treasurer: Michael Scollay
  • Committee: Bryan Juni
  • Committee: John Allen
  • Committee: Jane ONeill
  • Committee: Tony Langdon

Jane ONeill proposed the Association accept the committee nominations
Seconded by Max King

Minutes of the ASWA Committee meeting Melbourne 23rd August 2009

Present: Anthony Cornelius, Jane ONeill, Michael Scollay, Clyve Herbert, Shane Ekerbicer, Jane Gough, Bryan Juni, Tony Langdon, John Allen, Greg Sorenson, David Sercombe, Max King.
Absent: Shane Watson, Matthew Pearce, Tim Morrow, Rowland Beardsell, Michael Manning, Tim Eckert.

Meeting Commenced: 11:11am 23rd August 2009, Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne

BoM Costs

Michael Manning to investigate how many people use BoM weather radar online to see if it is worth keeping.
Shane Ekerbicer to look into alternative products that could be purchased instead of the radar archive.

SMS Warning Service

Anthony Cornelius to investigate EWN as an alternative to our current SMS provider.

Coffee Table Book

Greg Sorenson to investigate the market availability for an ASWA Coffee Table Book.
Jane ONeill to investigate possible printing firms who could print the book.

2010 AGM

South East Queensland to investigate dates for the AGM next year. Possibly looking at a late July AGM next year.

Meeting Closed: 12:05pm 23rd August 2009
Shane Ekerbicer
ASWA Secretary