1st August 2010

Minutes of the ASWA AGM General Business Gold Coast 31st July 2010

Treasurer's Report: Michael Scollay

Secretary's Report: Shane Ekerbicer

Committee nominations:

  • President: Greg Sorenson
  • Vice-president: Bryan Juni
  • Secretary: Shane Ekerbicer
  • Treasurer: Michael Scollay
  • Committee: Clyve Herbert
  • Committee: Tim Morrow
  • Committee: John Woodbridge
  • Committee: Jason Paterson

Minutes of the ASWA Committee meeting Gold Coast 1st August 2010

Present: Anthony Cornelius, Jane ONeill, Michael Scollay, Clyve Herbert, Shane Ekerbicer, Bryan Juni, Greg Sorenson, Max King, Tim Eckert, John Woodbridge, Jason Paterson, Rowland Beardsell.
Absent: Tim Morrow, Michael Manning, David Sercombe.

Meeting Commenced: 10:44am 1st August 2010, Cascade Gardens, Broadbeach

2011 AGM

Anthony Cornelius raised the topic of the 2011 AGM, which was unanimously agreed to be held in Canberra on the weekend of the 5th, 6th and 7th August 2011.

Shane Ekerbicer mentioned that the new website is only about a month away from being tested by the Committee. An email will be sent to the committee with details on how to login and use the new website so that it may be tested and any bugs pointed out.

SMS Warning Service

It was noted that the SMS Warning Service has not been operational for some time. Shane Ekerbicer to look into getting it fixed and possibly utilising EWN as our SMS System.


Anthony Cornelius suggested VistaPrint to possibly print Magnetic ASWA Logo's
It was suggested that we should have two sticker designs. One being the 'Classic' design and the other being the 'New' design that was voted on by the committee.
Greg Sorenson suggested using RedBubble for our Shirts and making different design's for purchasing.
Jane Gough and Jason Paterson to look at quotes for producing Hats.


Tim Eckert raised concerns about keeping members and signing up new members because people want something for their membership fee. Greg Sorenson suggested making an introduction pack to give to our members when they join which would include a sticker, membership card, pamphlet with information on ASWA and severe weather.
Tim Eckert to look into possibly joining the Ambassaders club.
Anthony Cornelius to look into some educational material.
Greg Sorenson to look into creating the Pamphlet.

Meeting Closed: 12:15pm 1st August 2010
Shane Ekerbicer
ASWA Secretary