18th July 2015

Minutes of the ASWA AGM General Business 18th July 2015, Brisbane QLD

1. Treasurers Report
Michael Scollay put forward the treasurers report.
Approved by Jane ONeill and Seconded by Max King

2. Secretarys Report
Approved by Jane ONeill and Seconded by Clyve Herbert

Minutes of ASWA Committee Meeting 19th July 2015, Brisbane QLD - 10:30am

Chairman: Bryan Juni
Secretary: Shane Ekerbicer
Present: Bryan Juni, Michael Scollay, Shane Ekerbicer, Lee Scott, David Sercombe, Clyve Herbert, Jane ONeill, Andy Barber
Absent: Anthony Cornelius, Jodie Muston

1. Conference 2015

Good feedback received from attendees regarding the 2015 conference. Positive feedback from survey.

Suggestions from the survey are for Better organisation of Time Slots for Presentations, Presentations starting on time, Sit Down Dinner.


2. Conference 2016

Survey post-conference showed support for Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. With Brisbane having the most support. It was decided that Brisbane would be an ideal candidate as it has a large support base and always brings in large crowds.

QMC offered to host the event again next year and this option will be one that is considered, however other locations will be considered in other locations.

August 6th is Ekka weekend so July 31st was decided as the date for the conference.

3. Facebook Page

It was pointed out that there is not enough activity on the Facebook Page. Only 1 or 2 people are actively posting on it which results in no exposure for ASWA.

It is requested that all committee members be active on the Facebook Page, sharing anything that is relevant to Weather and in particular Severe Weather.


4. ASWA Kids

Proposal put forward by Dan Seed via Bryan about an ASWA kids website offering Cheap membership, educational material with a Quarterly Newsletter sent out as an educational style pamphlet.


5. Membership Perks

Offering ASWA Merchandise as perks for membership. Also doing up our own Storm Spotters Guide to send out to new Members.

Investigate Potential for ASWA Members to get an EWN membership for distribution of warnings via email and SMS (Shane to Investigate)

Meeting closed at 11:20pm.