12th August 2001

Australian Severe Weather Association Inc.
Minutes of the 10th - 12th August 2001 AGM

ASWA Committee Meeting

St Ives 9.00pm Friday 10th August 2001

Attendees: Jimmy Deguara, Michael Bath, Anthony Cornelius, Jane ONeill, Matt Pearce, Paul Yole, Andrew McDonald and Daniel Weatherhead.

  • Michael Bath outlined the ASWA rule changes to be voted on during the 11th august conference.
  • Michael Bath discusses the nomination process for the new committee and suggests all nominees provide a small biography next time.
  • Committee talks about any progress with the ASWA Website redesign. It was agreed that progress has been lacking and that Daniel Weatherhead and Michael Bath would take over the project. DW would create graphics and MB put the HTML together. The issue of the administration code copyright was discussed. Content ideas were discussed including having a site map and a what's new.

Meeting closed 9.45pm

Annual General Meeting Conference

North Ryde RSL 9.25am 11th August 2001

Attendees: Roger Nurse, Michael King, Michael Scollay, Jimmy Deguara, Michael Bath, Mal Ninnes, Robert Goler, Jane ONeill, Andrew Donald, Clyve Herbert, Paul Yole, John Sweatman, Max King, Matt Piper, John Woodbridge, Anthony Cornelius, Rhett Blanch, Rune Peitersen, Geoff Thurtell, Keith Barnett, James Harris, Daniel Weatherhead, Matt Smith, Matt Pearce, David Croan, Con Marathos, Alan Williams, Amy Walton, James Pickett, Paul Graham.

Apologies: Simon Turton, Paul Mossman.

MC: James Harris

09.25 Introduction

  • Daniel Weatherhead and Matt Piper presented an 8 minute video compilation of storm chase footage from ASWA members, brilliantly accompanied with incredibly atmospheric music from the movie Armageddon.
  • All agreed the day could not have started any better.

09.38 President's Report

  • Jimmy Deguara gave a summary of ASWA's achievements during the past year and provided inspiration for the future.

09.44 Presentation

  • Michael Bath presents an observational account of the Casino high precipitation supercell chased by Michael Bath and Dave Ellem on 17th January 2001.
  • The presentation included chase maps, radar, satellite pictures, photographs, a summary of the weather setup and the chase video.

10.35 Treasurer's Report

  • Michael Scollay reported on ASWA's financial position explaining how the accounts were derived.
  • ASWA can meet all of its known liabilities for next year (2002) and all subsequent years.

11.00 Voting

  • Michael Bath proposes that we change ASWA rule:

14 (1) (b) 4 ordinary members

  • Seconded by Anthony Cornelius
  • Michael Bath proposes that we delete ASWA rule:

14 (2) (e)

  • Seconded by Jane ONeill
  • Michael Bath proposes that we accept that new ASWA Committee:

President Jimmy Deguara (NSW)

Vice-president Anthony Cornelius (QLD)

Treasurer Michael Scollay (NSW)

Secretary Michael Bath(NSW)

Committee Matt Piper (NSW)

Committee Daniel Weatherhead (NSW)

Committee Andrew McDonald (VIC)

Committee Jacob Aufdemkampe (WA)

  • Seconded by Anthony Cornelius

11.07 Break for Morning Tea

11.35 ASWA Awards

  • Anthony Cornelius and Matthew Pearce present the awards for:

Excellence in storm reporting Clyve Herbert

Outstanding dedication to ASWA activities Jane ONeill

Outstanding achievement towards ASWA goals Daniel Weatherhead

Jester of the Year Jimmy (moo) Deguara

  • Jane ONeill presents her unofficial awards for:

Australasian Weather Whinger Michael Thompson

Frightened Stiff David Croan & Jimmy Deguara

Storm Chase Mouse Robert Goler

11.44 General Business

  • James Harris invites any general business discussion

11.46 Presentation

  • Anthony Cornelius presents on the effect of windshear on thunderstorm development.
  • The presentation includes many case studies of storm development under various wind shear situations explaining how each parameter may effect that development. It also advised what to check in the models to predict severe thunderstorm days.

12.45 National Geographic Shirt Auction

  • Four unique t-shirts given to ASWA by a National Geographic film crew recently were auctioned with the proceeds donated to ASWA. The successful bidders were:

Mal Ninnes $30

Jane ONeill $30

Clyve Herbert $39

John Woodbridge $45

13.00 Break for Lunch

13.55 Video Presentation

  • John Woodbridge showed a video of a large waterspout filmed off Stradbroke Island in Queensland on 11th June 2001

14.00 Presentation

  • Clyve Herbert presents a collection of thoughts and analysis of TC Abigail and "the duck" - the subtropical cyclone which hit northeast NSW on 8th March 2001
  • Clyve took the time to pay tribute to Michael Thompson before recalling the weather knowledge gained during his life experiences. This led to an analysis of how TC Abigail influenced and enhanced "the duck". Jane ONeill assisted with the satellite images and weather charts displayed.

14.55 Break for Afternoon Tea

15.10 Presentation

  • Jimmy Deguara presents on the significance of inflow bands, wall clouds and other base lowerings in thunderstorms. He illustrates this significance with various case studies from Australia and the US.
  • David Croan presents video footage from the US storm chase that he and Jimmy took part in during May and June 2001.

16.00 Conference closed by James Harris

ASWA Committee Meeting

Bicentennial Park Homebush Bay 10.40am Sunday 12th August 2001

Attendees: Jimmy Deguara, Michael Bath, Anthony Cornelius, Jane ONeill, Matt Pearce, Paul Yole, Andrew McDonald, Daniel Weatherhead, Michael Scollay and Matt Smith.

  • Committee agreed the 2002 AGM should be held in Sydney. Discussion found that the AGM could be held in Melbourne or Brisbane in the future but most likely to remain in Sydney for the time being. A number of factors were examined for this conclusion with the most important being travel arrangements.
  • Michael Bath talked about the availability of GMS-5 1km resolution visible satellite images. The Weather Company may provide ASWA with a product by October.
  • Committee discussed presentation variety and length at the next AGM conference. Presenters would be given a 40 minute limit but would be allowed to go to 1 hour. ASWA members will in future be invited to submit a topic for presentation via a synopsis. The extended committee would decide on what is accepted.
  • Committee agreed the AGM video intro created by Daniel Weatherhead and Matt Piper was awesome and the 8 minute tape should be made available to members.

Meeting closed 11.25am

Prepared by Michael Bath, ASWA Secretary, 16th August, 2001