18th August 2002

Australian Severe Weather Association Inc.
Minutes of the 18th August 2002 AGM
Bicentennial Park, Sydney

ASWA Committee Meeting

Bicentennial Park Homebush Bay 11.00am Sunday 18th August 2002

Attendees: Jimmy Deguara, Matt Smitt, Anthony Cornelius, Michael Scollay, Matt Pearce, Michael Bath, Andrew McDonald, Jane ONeill, Dann Weather head, James Harris.

1. Discussion re data projector. Suggestion of discussion with BoM to borrow / rent one of theirs for next year, or try to get one with easy switching like in 2001. Dann Weatherhead appears to have been nominated for this task.

2. Organisation of the formal conference needs to be followed up with staff at the venue constantly through the day. This year, food excellent, service rather lacking. AGM committee to send formal complaint to the North Ryde RSL re service in particular.

3. Presentations considered to be too long. Suggestion of 40 minutes.

4. 2003 - have a video night on the Friday: show up to 10 videos, max 30 minutes each.

5. Committee information to go up onto the committee section of the ASWA site, with the job expectations of the positions. Active participation of committee members is expected, and voting on issues raised over the [email protected] list is compulsory. If any committee member is to be
away from their computer for more than a week, please let me know at [email protected] prior to leaving. Any unnotified non-attendance for a period of more than 14 days will merit a formal reminder of the responsibilities of the position.

6. Online meetings will be held every 2 months at the least, or more frequently if warranted. The 18th August is our face-to-face meeting for the year.

7. Discussion re possibility of a forum site for the committee. Jimmy to look into the pros & cons.

8. Dann Weatherhead to look into possible severe weather reporting through the ASWA website.

9. Queensland and Victoria are both discussing joint training / presentations with the BoM in their respective states. Progress positive.