17th August 2003

ASWA Committee Meeting - August 17th, 2003
Bicentennial Park, Homebush Bay - New South Wales

Meeting Commenced: 10.45am
Present: Anthony Cornelius, Michael Bath, Jane ONeill, Michael Scollay, Clyve Herbert, Andrew McDonald, Erin Hayes, Matthew Pearce, Rhett Blanch, Dann Weatherhead, James Harris, Jacob Grey

Anthony welcomed the committee and state reps & thanked everyone for their participation in the weekend's activities. Max King thanked by the entire committee for his barbequing expertise and continued enthusiasm.

Members of the committee requested to forward their preferred contact email address and phone number to Anthony so that details can be placed on the website in the Committee area.
Discussion re non- response to members by state rep Mark Dwyer as raised by Peter Bannister.  Michael Scollay to contact Mark.  Anthony Cornelius to discuss with Greg Spencer.

Data Projectors
Matthew Pearce to check on price from Xerox.

Being maintained and built by Rhett Blanch and Michael Scollay.
Password to admin area on the ASWA site to be changed from that used by previous committee. (Rhett Blanch)
Please continue to keep records of manual receipts from banking and forward to Michael Scollay on a regular basis.

Funding & sponsorship
Barbeque on this day to be funded in entirety by ASWA.
Australian Sky & Weather has begun sponsoring Victorian ASWA meetings.

Online meetings to be held bimonthly with the first to be held in #ASWA on Tuesday 9th September at 8pm EST - 7.30pm CST - 6pm WST.  If you can't be present please arrange to be contactable so that you can participate in discussion of issues and voting. Minutes will be discussion outcomes only.  Any voting will take place at these meetings.
President & Vice President will contact state reps monthly/bimonthly to keep in touch and discuss happenings and issues.

Storm News
MS Word document to be sent to Matt Pearce for initial proofing with a PDF to the entire committee for final proofreading.

ASWA Conference
AGM committee to consider change of venue in 2004 to a 4 star hotel like Rydges (N Sydney) where we would be able to combine the accommodation and venue.
Clyve Herbert (on behalf of other Victorian committee and state rep) nominated Melbourne as the home for the Conference in August 2005.  Unanimous.
Discussion re ASWA portfolios led by Dann Weatherhead....to be continued.

Meeting closed:12.10pm