27th August 2006

Minutes of the ASWA Committee meeting Brisbane 27th August 2006
Present:  Michael Scollay, Jane Gough, Jane ONeill, Bryan Juni, Anthony Cornelius, Rowland Beardsell, Dave Sercombe, Michael Bath, Rodney Wallbridge, Clyve Herbert.
ASWA Website / admin
Admin section of the website needs a user-id password change. Email addresses and committee pages to be updated for new committee / state rep members.
AGM for 2007
Venues considered for 2007 include Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Adelaide. Suggestion made to allow members to vote on preferred venue however this idea abandoned. Melbourne does not want it next year and Adelaide have suggested they would run it in 2008. Decision made to hold it on the Gold Coast on Saturday 11th August 2007 to hopefully attract even more interstate members.
Discussion about potential presentations for the 2007 conference. All members will be invited to submit a proposal. The main guest speaker(s) will be chosen and invited by AGM organising committee.
Need a price rise for the Conference next year as the event is draining ASWA funds. Member entry $30, non-members $45, entry and ASWA renewal $55 - all up by $5 on this year.
ASWA Membership incentives
Incentives for joining ASWA were looked at. Need to produce Storm News at least once or twice per year - Jane ONeill to follow up.
State groups will receive up to $250 per year to help run meetings or pay for food at meetings - up from $100 per year.
ASWA Banking
Treasurer to follow up about some unaccounted transactions.  Rhett continues to enhance the admin system on the website to include financial records linked to membership info.
Meeting close 11.40am
Michael Bath, Secretary.