28th July 2014

Minutes of the ASWA AGM General Business 26/27th July 2014, Hobart TAS

1. Treasurers Report
Michael Scollay put forward the treasurers report.
Approved by Jane O’Neill

2. Secretarys Report

Minutes of ASWA Committee Meeting 28th July 2014, Hobart TAS

Chairman: Bryan Juni
Secretary: Jane O’Neill
Present: Bryan Juni, Clyve Herbert, Jane O’Neill, Anthony Cornelius, David Sercombe, Michael Scollay, Daniel Seed
Absent: Rowland Beardsell, Shane Ekerbicer

1. Conference 2014

Good feedback from attendees this year.  People loved the self-catering meals. Many in organisation felt the AGM was in an expensive part of the country. We will need to try to keep the AGM in an area accessible by majority of members. 
 2. Conference 2015
It was unanimous to hold it in Brisbane for 2015 as it is a well known location that has been tried and tested. Either an inner-city AGM or Suburbs AGM will be chosen. This will become clear after AGM committee receives quotes back from various venues. The committee also tentatively agreed to having the 2015 AGM on the 17/18/19 July to coincide with the AMOS conference which occurs only a couples of days prior.
We must have the 2015 AGM organised well prior to the event so to give people maximum chance to take up special flight offers etc.
Anthony Cornelius, David Sercombe, Daniel Seed, and Bryan Juni have offered to take on the task of 2015 ASWA Brisbane AGM.
3. New Committee
Bryan Juni moved the motion that would allow for this year only (2014/15) that members of the 2013/14 Executive Committee be allowed to run again for a position on the Executive Committee without being in attendance of the 2014 Hobart AGM.  It was made very clear that this was a once-off occurrence and the normal ‘rule’ of all executive members being present at the AGM will continue from the 2015 AGM onwards. This was to allow the full formation of the new 2014/15 committee to occur. COmmittee was to find out how much this would cost the organisation and in what capacity we need to change our constitution to allow this.

Motion by Bryan Juni (President), Seconded by Jane O’Neill.
3. Miscellaneous
Daniel Seed has flagged he has a number of ideas for the organisation for 2014/15 year and beyond. These include but not limited too: more to offer members & bringing back the ‘ASWA Junior’ membership.
Meeting closed at 2pm 27/7/2014