12th August 2000

Australian Severe Weather Association Inc.
Minutes of the 12th August 2000 AGM
Asquith Golf Club, Sydney

Committee Meeting commenced 8.53am

Attendees: Jimmy Deguara, Michael Bath, Anthony Cornelius, Jane ONeill, Matt Smith and Michael Thompson.

  • Jane ONeill provided a written quote for stickers with the ASWA logo on them
  • Batches of 500 100mm x 150mm stickers, or with optional reflective background
  • Jane will obtain interest from members for purchasing stickers prior to any order being made.
  • Jane ONeill showed the latest fashion items with the new style ASWA logo on them. This includes a fleecy polo jacket.
  • The new logo has an enhanced lightning bolt with yellow, a shadow effect also in yellow, and a state name appearing under the main oval of the ASWA logo.
  • Jane will check with Krazy Kenny (ASWA logo designer) if any additional payment is required for a set of individual state names.
  • Also caps and other clothing with the ASWA logo on them were discussed but no decision made.
  • Jimmy Deguara brought up the issue of communication within the committee, and for the purpose of this document, "committee" refers to the 10 elected committee positions and the state representatives.
  • Anthony Cornelius says people on the committee must reply with their intentions to attend any physical or IRC based meetings called.
  • Auto receipt emails should be used on all committee emails
  • Auto receipt emails will not be used in committee emails to ASWA members
  • A set of guidelines on committee email communication will be prepared by Michael Bath
  • Michael Thompson joins meeting at 9.20am
    • It is suggested that next year's AGM be held in Sydney.

Proposed by Jane ONeill
Seconded by Anthony Cornelius.
  • Jimmy Deguara raises the issue of member suspensions for breach of the Code of Ethics
  • Anthony Cornelius proposes that a committee quorum must decide, however section 13(c) of the Rules allows for immediate action to be taken in the best interests of the Association
  • For future suspensions, an email confirmation to the committee and those involved must be sent as to why the action was taken.
  • ASWA business cards were discussed
  • Anthony Cornelius suggested an insurance company may sponsor us
  • Matt Smith will organise the cards using data from the ASWA website, and include member name, state and a membership expiry date
  • It was proposed that ASWA not be associated with Thunder Down Under 2000 chase or any other chase activities, and that these be organised by members themselves without reference to ASWA.
Meeting closed 9.52am

Annual General Meeting commenced 10.35am

Attendees: Matthew Pearce, Matthew Smith, Daniel Weatherhead, Anthony Cornelius, Jimmy Deguara, John Sweatman, Jane ONeill, Andrew Godsman, Geoffrey Thurtell, Mario Orazem, Clyve Herbert, Michael Thompson, Max King, Malcolm Ninnes, James Harris, Michael Bath, Michael Scollay, John Woodbridge, David Croan, Alan Williams, James Pickett, Rhett Blanch, Paul Graham.

Apologies: Gary Reeve, Ross Wilson, Joy Farnan, Daniel Murer, Leonard Stewart, Keith Barnett, Bill Webb, David Carroll, Tony Middleton, Tom Lachlan, Chris Cook, Andrew Macdonald, Paul Maclean, Michael Powell, Andrew Crane, Steve Baynham, Dane Newman, Murray Martin, Paul Goard, Cliff Newman.

10.35 Treasurer’s Report by Michael Scollay

    • ASWA is able to meet all of its liabilities for 2001
    • Some membership monies outstanding
    • The Treasurer proposes that we engage Cameron Matthew Johnstone from

    Weston, Woodley & Robertson as auditor.
Jane ONeill proposes that we accept the Treasurer's Report
Seconded by Max King

11.05 President's Report by Jimmy Deguara

Michael Scollay proposes that we accept the President's Report
Seconded by Daniel Weatherhead

11.20 Victorian Report by Jane ONeill

Michael Scollay proposes that we accept the Victorian Report
Seconded by Michael Thompson

11.30 Break for morning tea

11.45 Competition

11.50 Queensland Report by Anthony Cornelius

Jane ONeill proposes that we accept the Queensland Report
Seconded by Jimmy Deguara

12.00 New committee elected

  • Michael Bath lists the following people who nominated for committee positions
  • President Jimmy Deguara (NSW)
  • Vice President Anthony Cornelius (QLD)
  • Treasurer Michael Scollay (NSW)
  • Secretary Michael Bath (NSW)
  • Committee Matt Smith (NSW)
  • Committee Andrew McDonald (VIC)
  • Committee Matthew Pearce (NSW)
  • Committee Mark Dwyer (WA)
  • Committee Daniel Weatherhead (NSW)
  • Committee Jason Bush (WA)
John Woodbridge proposes that we accept those nominated
Seconded by Jane ONeill

12.05 General Business

  • Jane ONeill discusses lightning detection options for ASWA, including setting up Boltek sensors, or obtaining Kattron data via The Weather Company. John Woodbridge will check with the Australian distributor of Boltek if trial use can be arranged.
  • John Woodbridge raised some issues with Thunder Down Under 2000 chase.
  • Matt Smith brought up the issue of password changeover for radar access on the first Tuesday of the month. Michael Fewings to be asked to check the web script for any problems, but once a yearly password from the BoM is set up, it will not be an issue. Anthony Cornelius says he archives most radar images and members can ask his for images they would like.
  • Jimmy Deguara asks as to the progress of Storm News. Anthony Cornelius discusses.
12.30 Break for lunch

13.30 Raffle drawn

14.00 Queensland videos shown

14.30 Assessing Atmospheric Instability & Thunderstorm Potential with the use of Thunderstorm Indices and SKEW-Ts Presentation by Anthony Cornelius

  • This detailed interpreting the SKEW-T diagram and the TT, SI, LI, BI and CAPE indices, and SRH, & EHI, but highlighted the importance and reliability of the SKEW-T diagram
  • Clyve gave Anthony a "pointer" he obtained by defoliating a branch from the golf club garden
  • Anthony provided hardcopies of his presentation to all in attendance
15.30 Western Australia videos shown

15.50 Paraparap Tornado Presentation by Clyve Herbert

  • This detailed the short lived tornado from a low topped cumulonimbus videoed by Jane ONeill in Victoria on 9th January 2000
  • ASWA report will be presented to the Bureau of Meteorology
16.25 Victorian videos shown

16.40 NSW videos shown

17.00 Meeting closed by Jimmy Deguara

Prepared by Michael Bath, ASWA Secretary, 15th August 2000