21st August 2004

Minutes – Annual ASWA Conference, 2pm-11pm, Saturday the 21st of August.

Attendees: Paul Graham, David Simpson, Matt Smith, Michael Scollay, Andrew Newton, Jane Oneill, Clyve Herbert, Andrew McDonald, Jacob Gray, Siong Yeap, Phil Basil Jones, Chris Gribben, Nathan Thompson, Phil Thompson, Jonathan Haysom, Simon Angell, Tuan Phan, Craig Arthur, Anthony Cornelius, Scott Nugent, David Sercombe, Keith Barnett, Michael Bath, Rodney Wallbridge, William Barton, Nikki, Michael Manning, Michael Powell, Andrew Miskelley, Michael Thompson, Steven Jarret, Rhett Blanch, Max King. Bill Lording, Terry Herbert, Siu Ki Wong, Luke Reeves, Christina Dott, Shane Watson, Ben McBurney, Allan Williams and Roger Nurse.

- Introductory video and slideshow
- MC welcoming
- President’s speech
- Keith Barnett’s presentation – Global Warming
- Storm animation

Afternoon tea

- Craig Arthur’s presentation – forecasting models
- Musical video clip
- TDU 2003 in Darwin – Anthony Cornelius


• General business and voting.

Committee Positions

President – Anthony Cornelius (Nominated by Jane ONeill, seconded by Michael Bath)
Vice President – Michael Bath (Self nominated, seconded by David Ellem)
Secretary – Jane ONeill (Self nominated, seconded by Clyve Herbert)
Treasurer – Michael Scollay (Nominated by Jane ONeill, seconded by Anthony Cornelius)
General Committee – Jonathan Haysom (Nominated by Anthony Cornelius, seconded by Michael Bath)
General Committee – David Sercombe (Nominated by Anthony Cornelius, seconded by David Ellem)
General Committee – David Simpson (Self nomination, seconded by Andrew McDonald)
General Committee – Jacob Gray (Self nomination, seconded by Jane ONeill).

Max King proposed to accept these nominations for the 2004-2005 committee. Seconded by Andrew McDonald.


Storm News to become an online publication. Proposed by Anthony Cornelius, seconded by Michael Bath. Vote: All in favour


New SMS warning service to become a part of the membership package offered by ASWA. Proposed by Jonathan Haysom, seconded by Matthew Smith. Vote: All in favour.


Lifetime membership for ASWA members who are dedicated and have contributed extensively to ASWA. Proposed by Richard Modistach. Vote: All against, but to be reviewed in five years time when ASWA becomes larger and better known.


Various improvements to be included on the ASWA website so that it eventually becomes a hub for activity – adding forecasts, warnings and the latest reports. Proposed by Jonathan Haysom, seconded by Anthony Cornelius. Vote: All in favour.

- Clyve Herbert’s presentation – Oddities of Weather


- Tuan Phan’s presentation – Women and weather.
- Official invitation to attend the AGM in Melbourne in 2005
- Conclusion & video