14th August 2005

Minutes of the ASWA Committee meeting 14th August 2005

Present: Michael Bath, Anthony Cornelius, Jane ONeill, Michael Scollay, Clyve Herbert, Rowland Beardsell, Michael Manning, Dave Sercombe, Tim Eckert.

Allocation of Funds
Discussion re allocation of funds to the states to be spent by the state reps for the benefit of the members as they see fit. Suggestions for allocation:  barbeques, subsidised meetings.
Suggestion that allocation to be made to active states all using the same formula, but for very small states eg: NT, allocation to be further discussed. Michael Scollay to do spreadsheet showing possible allocations for the committee to vote on.
Membership change
Student membership to be $22.00 upon provision by member of student membership of TAFE / Uni / school being produced to qualify.
Suggestion re purchasing one or more data projectors - 1 in particular for Qld as they will be holding the Conference in 2006 and do regular presentations at their meetings already.  Jane ONeill to check prices on Hewlett Packard projectors and come back to the committee with prices.
SMS service
Michael Manning to do explanatory email to send out to all ASWA members re the SMS service with simple instructions.  Reps no longer need to put in mobile carrier when adding a new member or modifying an existing entry in the database.
ASWA Database
Noted that there still seems to be a glitch in the database where entries don't remain updated.  Rhett Blanch to investigate.