Welcome to ASWA SA!

State Reps 15/16


We currently have meetings every 2 or 3 months at different venues, and over the last 2 years they have been combined with members of the Weatherzone forums.

Our meetings are more of a social nature. A chance to catch up with and meet fellow severe weather enthusiasts.

Tim will tell the members about the latest things that are going on within the ASWA committee e.g. How far away Storm News is (if known) or how the latest projects are going. Discussion will then swing around to any severe weather events that we may/may not have had since our last meeting. If there has been a severe weather event, video or photos are shown if any were taken. Please feel free to bring along any photos or videos that you may have.

In a previous meeting we introduced video of storm footage from chases and this will continue to be a part of our meeting, with both personal storm footage and documentries on tornadoes. We all get on really well and would love to meet anyone else that is interested in severe weather.

Tim Eckert
SA State Representative.

For further information please email the South Australian division at
[email protected]