Welcome to ASWA VIC!

State Reps 15/16


Paul Yole


Victorian meetings are usually held at the Pancake Parlour in Doncaster. These are normally held bi-monthly.

Meetings usually start off with breakfast and bragging, which is then followed up by the meeting. These meetings allow others with a similar interest in weather to get together, and at each meeting, we have either a member or a guest speaker to give a talk on the weather, or specific things that have happened weatherwise.

Occasionally, there will also be social gatherings by members, including video afternoons and BBQ's. The main advantage is, you get to discuss the weather with people that also have the same passion as you, and allow you to make numerous new friends.

Our most recent meeting was held on the 14th July 2007 at Doncaster Pancake Parlour. Speakers included:

  • Clyve Herbert with the regular weather magazine
  • Jane Gough with a very impressive video of TDU
  • Jane ONeill with ASWA Administration Business

Tim Morrow and Jane Gough
VIC State Representatives.


Past VIC Meetings

  • 19th July 2008
  • 14th July 2007
  • 28th April 2007
  • 17th February 2007
  • 10th December 2006
  • 11th November 2006
  • 23rd September 2006
  • 22nd July 2006
  • 27th May 2006
  • 25th February 2006
  • 10th December 2005
  • 18th June 2005
  • 14th May 2005
  • 12th February 2005