The ASWA Committee is made up of an elected executive and four ordinary members. Additionally, state representatives voted for in each state or territory have equal say on ASWA related issues.

The current committee were elected at the ASWA Annual General Meeting held in the Brisbane on 18th July 2015.

Interested in joining the committee? Send us an email at and tell us how you can contribute to the association.


Bryan Juni

Gold Coast


I have loved weather for most of my life. I would talk about it all the time at school and later earned the nickname ‘Weatherman’.  My main love for weather is ECL’s and flooding, but nothing beats a good storm with awesome lightning and lots of noise!

I joined ASWA in 2004 after my mum discovered an article about the organisation. In the time since I have made many life-long friends through the state meetings and of course, the epic AGM’s!  I am honoured and privileged to be the President of ASWA and it is my intention to continue serving in ASWA for as long as I am needed. I urge anyone who loves weather to come to a state meeting close to them – you’ll meet new friends and have plenty of laughs!


Andy Barber







Michael Scollay



I helped to create ASWA from the very beginning in 1999 and I have always been the Treasurer. I’ve met so many new weather enthusiasts and made so many great friends with whom I’ll share this common interest for a lifetime. I’m yet to seriously chase a storm but the storms seem to find meJ I maintain a passion to understand climate change factors and I see one of the results being the changing pattern and intensity of storms. I see ASWA as an organisation able to help and communicate a wealth of knowledge among themselves, to like-minded experts and the broader community at large


Shane Ekerbicer

Mackay 0499 012 731


I joined ASWA in 2005 and became secretary in 2007. I was honourned to take over the position from Michael Bath who remains one of my idols in the storm chasing world. I started storm chasing in 2005 and have chased the weather all over Australia since. Being a part of ASWA has really opened my eyes, and allowed me to create some awesome friendships which I hope will last a lifetime.

General Committee

Clyve Herbert

Trentham Victoria




General Committee

Jodie Muston




General Committee

David Sercombe



 From the first meeting I attended in 2002, I have been absolutely hooked on the socialising, the laughs and the learning gained from the wonderful group of people that have made up ASWA. I have been fortunate enough to attend our ASWA AGM almost every year since 2003, and during that period have built strong bonds with people who live all over the country, who in many cases live thousands of kilometres away. Having lived in NSW all my life until 2006 when moving to Brisbane, I've had significant involvement in both the NSW and QLD/NE NSW groups, and have made many lifelong friendships across both. Since taking my first weather photos during 'backyard' chases in 1999, while a teenager at the family home in Coffs Harbour, I've been endeavouring to chase as many storms as possible. This included getting involved in the once-annual TDU (Thunder Down Under) 'chase holiday' every Nov-Dec, and have now gained some pretty flexible work arrangements in the last couple of years which allow me to chase storms at pretty much any time. Storms are my favourite kind of severe weather, but rain/flood events, and snow falling outside of the ski fields also get me more than a little interested! ASWA has been a great avenue for me to not only learn more about severe weather from those more experienced than I, but it also enables me to pass on this knowledge to friends, and to also benefit the community.


General Committee

Jane ONeill

Trentham, Victoria






State Representatives