Welcome to ASWA QLD & NE NSW!

State Reps 15/16



In Queensland, there are a variety of activities that members can participate in if they choose to. Meetings, social retreats and BBQs are all part of the activities that take place. Members are encouraged to attend, but only by choice!

ASWA meetings are the main focus, they occur at regular (usually bi-monthly) intervals. ASWA meetings are held on Saturdays and commence at 10am. Meetings normally begin with some brief agenda items and general ASWA information of activities and happenings. Meetings then move onto a review (synoptically) of the previous week’s weather around Australia before an overview of the coming week and what can be expected. After this, feature presentations are held during most meetings; these may consist of a guest speaker, an ASWA member giving information on a topic they’re familiar with or sometimes an indepth review of a significant weather event past or present. Suggestions for topics are always welcome! Afterwards, meetings are often concluded very casually with pizza, drinks and videos of storm/weather footage from various people. Members are invited to bring their videos and photos to share. Members have often found ASWA meetings a great way to meet other members and people of similar interests to simply discuss weather issues or make new friends and acquaintances.

Other events include BBQs, retreats, video nights, breakfast meetings, and recently wine and cheese nights! These events are advertised to ASWA members to let them know of their occurrence.

If you’re unsure exactly what ASWA is about, or are just curious - everyone is welcome to attend meetings and functions, including guests and visitors! We’d love to have you come along and see for yourself.

Dave Sercombe
QLD & NE NSW State Representatives.